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Mercer gives employers the unparalleled advantage of local market knowledge, cost-efficient processes and access to expertise on innovations and compliance.

Today’s health and benefit solutions require in-depth knowledge of local markets that can be leveraged by access to innovative solutions that are emerging throughout the US, support for legislative compliance and an efficient operating platform. Whether your organization is a small business, a mid-size US-based employer, a multinational, or anywhere in between, Mercer can provide you with solutions for health, financial security, work/life, voluntary and other benefit programs that are innovative and cost-effective. More than ever, US employers rely on access to both local market experts and national experts that advise on regulatory compliance and innovative cost strategies.


Over 2,400 colleagues based in offices throughout the US help employers of all sizes with strategy, annual program management and administration. Employers have access to a disciplined, consistent approach to planning, benchmarking, data analytics, plan design and pricing, financial management, vendor performance management, program marketing, renewal management, communication, compliance and administration.


Mercer created the Enterprise MomentumTM solution to help small employers. Backed by the Mercer name and resources, this solution caters specifically to small employer needs. 

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Our health benefits services and solutions fall under three categories:



Depending on your preference, we can design innovative solutions that meet your specific business challenges or implement best practice programs that are both competitive and efficient.  Mercer has the expertise to provide health benefits consulting to help you improve just one part of your benefit program or implement a full-service, end-to-end program.


What our clients tell us is most important to them: 


  • Controlling health care costs and other benefit program costs 
  • Using benefits to help attract and retain the right employees
  • Saving time and money
  • Managing financial and regulatory risks
  • Keeping employees healthy and productive
  • Securing the best solutions, pricing and service from health and benefit vendors


To learn more about the specific health and benefit solutions offered in other countries, go directly to our country sites to explore Mercer’s capabilities or contact us by e-mail


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