How the 2020 election will influence your strategies

Join us for our first post-election webinar, as we share our insights on the results and potential changes to the health, retirement and investment policy agenda. Most importantly, we will talk about strategies you’ll want to focus on while the new Congress finds its footing. The results of the election may change the policy agenda in Washington DC. What won’t change is the need for employer plan sponsors to focus on reigning in prescription drug costs, managing catastrophic medical claims, leveraging virtual care, focus on retirement plans and other top strategic priorities. Keep in mind, change at the federal level will take time. There’s a lot employers can do to shape the future. Join us to find out how.




Ed Lehman, US Health & Benefits Leader, Mercer


Tracy Watts, National Leader for US Health Policy, Mercer


Wade Symons, Regulatory Resources Group National Practice Leader, Mercer


Geoff Manville, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Mercer


Jay Love, CFA, US Investment Leader, Mercer

November 5, 2020




11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET


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