Value investing is among the oldest and best-known styles of equity investing, yet the performance of “value” equities through the COVID-19 pandemic has increased questions over the relevance of the value factor (i.e., buying stocks on low accounting measures of value) in building robust equity portfolios.

This webinar explores why value investing might not have worked in recent years, compares the performance of value during crises and recoveries, and explains why an investor may or may not consider a traditional value investment approach in the current market environment.


Why attend?

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:


  • The case for having exposure to a value style in your portfolio.
  • Total portfolio exposures.
  • The approach to potentially take given the current environment.

July 15, 2020




10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET


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Who should attend?

Institutional investors with fiduciary responsibility in managing portfolios including:


  • Defined contribution plans
  • Defined benefits pension plans
  • Insurance assets
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Not-for-profit foundations
  • Endowments
  • Healthcare systems
  • Family offices
  • Sovereign wealth funds 


Susan McDermott (Host)
US Strategic Research Director

Rich Dell
Head of Equity Manager Research

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