The $2m Question: How Good is Your Stop-Loss Policy?

  • RECORDED: 22 August 2019


    Employers continue to purchase stop-loss insurance -- and for good reason. The number of claims $1.5 million and above rose 54% between 2015 and 2018. And the number of $3M plus claimants doubled just last year alone. With costly gene therapies and other specialty drugs on the rise, employers can only expect to see multi-million-dollar claims with greater frequency.

    Is your company taking unnecessary risks with its health dollars?


    Discussion topics include:

    • How stop-loss works and how to determine what coverage is right for my plan?
    • What policy options are available to reduce premiums or transfer risk?
    • How can Mercer’s stop-loss Center of Excellence help?

    HR managers and above for small to mid-size companies across the Midwest

    Blake Schraft , Principal, Mercer’s Stop-Loss Center of Excellence, Chicago

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    Date:  August 22nd, 2019
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  • Title: The $2m Question: How Good is Your Stop-Loss Policy? – Webinar

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