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Periodic Table of Annual Index Returns — Mercer

Mercer’s interactive annual table of asset class returns charts reflect the annual and quarterly returns from 2005 through 2014 across different asset classes.

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Mercer Monthly Market Summary - September 2015

Global equities continued to fall sharply in September, with the third quarter and year-to-date performance deep in the red. Uncertainty over economic growth in China and the timing of the Fed’s first step to raise interest rates weighed on markets.

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Mercer Global Pension Buyout Index

Mercer’s Global Pension Buyout Index allows you to monitor general trends in the pricing of pension annuity transactions in the US, the UK, Ireland and Canada.

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New Podcast Explains How to Minimize M&A Pension Risk For Buyers and Sellers

Sellers and Buyers have the opportunity to simplify a very complex issue, leveraging Mercer’s Pension Debt Management Solution. Join Mercer’s M&A experts to understand how to efficiently manage pension debt and risk.

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Betting on Rising Rates – Update

In May 2012 we published a white paper challenging DB pension plan sponsors on how to manage interest rate exposure in a low rates environment. Given that rates are still at the same level as they were 3½ years ago our paper is still relevant today.

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How Do Endowment and Foundation Committees Define Success?

The benchmarking process is a key step in the management of institutional portfolios. Measuring progress against specific objectives is valuable in determining the success of the investment program.

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The Role of Liquid Alternatives in Wealth Management

In this short paper, we focus on liquid alternative products and explain the investment theses for investing in alternatives, provide an overview of the current liquid alternatives landscape, and provide a sample framework of how to allocate to alternatives.

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Understanding Private Equity – A Primer

In this paper we review some basic asset class characteristics, the return expectations, return drivers, evidence of outperformance, implementation considerations, and discuss the optimal use of private equity in a portfolio.