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New Podcast Explains How to Minimize M&A Pension Risk For Buyers and Sellers

Sellers and Buyers have the opportunity to simplify a very complex issue, leveraging Mercer’s Pension Debt Management Solution. Join Mercer’s M&A experts to understand how to efficiently manage pension debt and risk.

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Mercer/CFO Research Pension Risk Survey 2015

Mercer is proud to present our bi-annual survey of senior finance executives with CFO Research. In the two years since our 2013 survey we have seen a commitment on the part of plan sponsors to manage risk and mitigate funded status volatility.

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GREXODUS - The Uncertainty Persists

Given the ongoing Greek debt crisis, Mercer experts put together a short paper discussing potential implications for investors and market impacts.

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2015 – Is your Defined Benefit Plan Ready

Five ways pension plan sponsors can manage funded position and risk in 2015

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Top Investment Steps Not-For-Profit Healthcare — Mercer

Mercer’s dedicated health care practice has identified 10 investment steps not-for-profit healthcare organizations should take in 2015.

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Top Priorities for Private Wealth Clients In 2015 — Mercer

As the investment landscape continues to get more complex — with volatile markets, full valuations, changes in Fed policy, falling oil prices, and the potential for rising interest rates — we present 10 key areas of focus for for the coming year.

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Ebola - Employer Concerns in the US

The Ebola virus appears to continue to spread within and across borders, and while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the risk of a widespread outbreak in the US is low, employers and employees should remain attentive.

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A Big Data, Say-Do Approach to Climate and Culture: A Consulting Perspective

This chapter from the book, The Oxford Handbook on Organizational Culture and Climate, was written to help organizations maintain or change various aspects of their climate and culture.