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When wealth has been created that clearly will go beyond one generation or more, the top questions those overseeing the funds tend to fall into two areas:


  • How can we create a family culture of open communication?
  • How and when should we educate the next generation to govern the family enterprise?


  • Should we have a different asset allocation strategy for money intended for future generations?
  • How should we structure our investment program to best accommodate our family’s unique circumstances?

There is little doubt that if communication is not addressed properly, how the funds are invested has little relevance. To wit, many great fortunes have been lost due to a lack of harmony or poor communication rather than a faulty investment strategy. On the other hand, when communication is on track, a sound investment strategy is highly relevant, especially considering that, as time passes, the number of family members grows – potentially beyond what an asset base can sustain. However, families can take some key steps to enhance their investment portfolios and create wealth for the long term.

This paper covers these topics and outlines investment strategies that can help sustain intergenerational wealth. 

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