Webcast Recording: Case Studies In New Approaches

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Webcast recording: Integrated Solutions: Case Studies In New Approaches

2014 UK BUDGET: The changes announced by the Chancellor in his Budget speech on 19 March will have a significant impact on pension schemes, both DC and DB. The relevant implications for DB schemes will be considered as part of this webcast series (for those webcasts taking place from 1 April onwards).

There have been positive equity market returns since the start of 2013, interest rates and bond yields remain low, and the Pensions Regulator has announced a proposed new funding objective. However, there continues to be a strong focus on managing cash and expense within many organisations. In this ever-changing and evolving economic environment, what should be the focus for defined benefit pension (DB) schemes?

At Mercer, we believe that there are positive actions that trustees and sponsors can take to capture the opportunities that the improving market environment offers, and to conserve cash, and we shall explore some of these and other topics relating to the management of DB pension risk and costs in this series of webcasts.

Webcast: Integrated Solutions: Case Studies In New Approaches

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