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Talent Gaps, Shortages Affect Oil and Gas Industry Success

Mercer’s global Oil & Gas Talent Outlook and Workforce Practices Survey, which collected data from 151 companies, identifies critical talent shortages and offers insights for addressing the industry’s talent challenges. 21 July 2014

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From Mercer’s Health Care Reform Survey. These are the issues US employers are facing as reform measures take effect, and how they are responding. 07 July 2014

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Perqs Add Value to Employee Reward Packages

Employers struggle to attract and retain the right people for their particular business, and perqs can help companies tip the scales in their favor. 1 July 2014

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Companies Only So Flexible On Employees' Time

According to Mercer’s 2013/2014 Compensation Policies and Practices surveys, companies will only go so far with flexible work arrangements. 23 June 2014

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Retaining and Rewarding Key Talent in M&A Deals

Retaining critical talent is top of mind for organizations engaged in mergers and acquisitions, since talent continuity often has a direct impact on the overall success of the deal.

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World Cup Versus Productivity: Compromise Is The Goal

Work productivity may take a small dip over the next month as millions of soccer fans become glued to TVs, phones, and computers to watch the World Cup. 10 June 2014

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Competing For Talent In The Oil And Gas Industry

Our Oil & Gas Talent Outlook and Workforce Practices Survey shows employers relying on hiring competitors' workers versus building talent pipelines. 3 June 2014

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Employment Brand Supports Critical Talent Practices

Organizations with a formal or informal “employment brand” view it as an important factor in attracting, retaining, and engaging critical talent. 27 May 2014