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Competing For Talent In The Oil And Gas Industry

Our Oil & Gas Talent Outlook and Workforce Practices Survey shows employers relying on hiring competitors' workers versus building talent pipelines. 3 June 2014

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Employment Brand Supports Critical Talent Practices

Organizations with a formal or informal “employment brand” view it as an important factor in attracting, retaining, and engaging critical talent. 27 May 2014

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Efforts To Manage Critical Talent Fall Short

Most organizations think that managing critical talent is essential, but it takes solid strategy to attract, retain, and engage key employees today. 20 May 2014

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Gone, But Not Forgotten

Employees deserve to understand their final pay and benefits if dismissed, while employers should be aware of severance pay practices globally. 29 April 2014

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Global Car Policies: A Key Talent Driver

Company car benefits are a key component of compensation for certain employees. Mercer’s 2014 Global Car Policies reviews policies worldwide. 22 April 2014

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Pay Differs Significantly by Country

Mercer’s International Geographic Salary Differentials report looks at relative pay levels worldwide to help employers make salary decisions . 15 April 2014

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Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies

Mobility directors face more complexity in the number and types of international assignments, making them try a wider range of mobility strategies. 8 April 2014

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People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever

As organizations look to M&A transactions to implement global growth strategies, people issues and risks have become increasingly prominent. 1 April 2014