Companies Only So Flexible On Employees' Time

Companies Only So Flexible On Employees' Time

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Companies Only So Flexible On Employees' Time

In the heated competition for talent, companies will go to great lengths to recruit and retain the best and brightest. But according to Mercer’s 2013/2014 Compensation Policies and Practices surveys for Canada and the US, companies are willing to go only so far when it comes to flexible work arrangements. Data for this biennial survey were collected from 331 Canadian and 548 US organizations in late 2013. The survey was conducted to shed light on the latest compensation trends in topics including compensation philosophy, work hours, perquisites, flexible work, and more.

“Employees have shown to value flexible work policies, which can have a favorable impact on attraction, retention, and motivation,” said Steve Gross, a Senior Partner at Mercer. “However, employers must also consider cost-benefits, unique business demands, and degree of flexibility when evaluating this reward.”

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More information is available at Canada and US surveys.

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