Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies

Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies

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Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies

More than ever, global mobility directors face increasing complexity in the number and types of international assignments to be managed. According to Mercer’s new Alternative International Assignments Policies and Practices Survey report, growing use of assignees across the career-development spectrum and from greater number of countries, coupled with competing pressures to attract and retain talent while controlling costs, has spurred organizations to embrace a wider range of mobility strategies.

“Ever-increasing globalization, internal cost and staffing pressures, and competing priorities among different regions or business units challenge today’s global mobility manager to strike the proper balance when designing international assignment policies and practices,” says Anne Rossier-Renaud, Project Leader and Senior Consultant in Mercer’s Talent Global Mobility business. “The traditional long-term international assignment still plays an important role in global enterprises, but often today, alternative international assignments are better suited to the needs of employer and/or employee.”

Learn more about trends in alternative international assignments.

For more information about the survey, visit www.imercer.com/aia

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