Holidays Worldwide Vary Greatly by Country

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Holidays Worldwide Vary Greatly by Country

Managing a globally mobile workforce can be complex, and even seemingly small areas of benefits (such as paid holidays) must be considered when attracting and retaining employees. Mercer’s Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines provides an overview of mandatory and private benefit practices, statutory regulations, and employment conditions across 64 major economies to help HR directors of multinational companies govern policy and make the most efficient decisions on behalf of the company and its expatriates. 

“All companies must be aware of public holiday practices in the countries in which they operate, but it can become more difficult for employers doing business in multiple markets and with overseas movement of employees,” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal responsible for the report. “If an employer misses the mark on holiday offerings or if benefits that expatriates held in their home country are not comparable in the new location, it can have an adverse effect on talent management.”

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