People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever

People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever

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People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever

As organizations look to M&A transactions to implement global growth strategies, the people issues and associated risks of these transactions have become increasingly prominent. According to 372 HR executives polled in Mercer’s 2013 Global M&A Ready Survey, concerns about top talent leaving the organization and cultural integration vary by geography. Mercer’s M&A Ready™ Executive Development Programs are intense two-day working sessions for senior HR executives, corporate development/strategy/finance executives, and business leaders, held in major financial centers around the world each year.

“M&A activity poses multiple challenges for companies in today’s global economy, requiring innovative and practical strategies for retaining key talent and integrating organizational cultures,” said Chuck Moritt, Chair, Mercer’s Global M&A Leadership Group. “This is especially true for companies in markets where high levels of employee mobility and significant differences in workplace and local cultures make post-deal integration a risky project.”

Added Moritt: “Our years of M&A experience tell us that strategic pre-deal preparation improves HR’s ability to support successful transactions. Addressing the people issues in all the transaction phases can ensure that the deal’s strategic and financial objectives are met.”

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