Perqs Add Value to Employee Reward Packages

Perqs Add Value to Employee Reward Packages

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Perqs Add Value to Employee Reward Packages

Nearly half of organizations in Canada and the US offer perquisites to help attract and retain employees, according to Mercer’s 2013/2014 Compensation Policies and Practices surveys for the two countries. The biennial surveys of 331 Canadian and 548 US organizations highlight traditional — and some less common — benefits and perqs in use. The surveys were conducted to shed light on the latest compensation trends in topics including compensation philosophy, work hours, perquisites, flexible work, car policies, special retention programs, and more.

“Employers continue to struggle to attract and retain the right people for their particular business, and perqs have helped some companies tip the scales in their favor,” said Mary Ann Sardone, Mercer Partner and North America Workforce Rewards Practice Leader. “Still, every situation is different, and employers should take into account the market and their own business model, budget, and talent strategy.”

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More information is available regarding the Canada and US surveys.

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