Retaining and rewarding key talent in M&A - Mercer

Retaining and rewarding key talent in M&A - Mercer

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Retaining and Rewarding Key Talent in M&A Deals

Retaining critical talent is top of mind for organizations engaged in mergers and acquisitions, since talent continuity often has a direct impact on the overall success of the deal. According to Mercer’s recent Survey of M&A Retention and Transaction Programs, retention incentives and transaction bonuses are the two main tools for retaining critical talent. The survey analyzed information from 42 organizations globally that provided detailed information on retention and transaction programs in more than 70 M&A deals during the past three years.

“When organizations go through mergers and acquisitions, they need to first go back to their acquisition strategy to determine whether or not there is a need for a retention incentive plan. If so, a lot of questions then come into play such as who should participate, how should those people be awarded, what should the timing and structure of the plan look like, and finally, how much should the overall plan cost,” said Chuck Moritt, Senior Partner in Mercer’s M&A consulting business.

Mercer’s survey of M&A retention programs is an important tool for global M&A strategy.

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