Staffing Up, Separations Flat for US, Canadian Employers

Staffing Up, Separations Flat for US, Canadian Employers

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Staffing Up, Separations Flat for US, Canadian Employers

More than half of employers in the US and Canada saw an increase in full-time employee numbers in 2013 with separations remaining steady into the near future, according to the Mercer Turnover Survey. The report is based on data provided from 120 Canadian and 145 US organizations in early 2014 and outlines the number of voluntary, involuntary, and retirement separations that occurred in the previous year. Results are compiled by job levels, employee age, industry, region, and other factors.

“Employee turnover is a slippery slope,” says Chrisy Wilson, survey lead in Mercer’s information solutions business. “Beyond lost productivity and institutional knowledge walking out the door, there are significant expenses related to interviewing, hiring, and training new employees, plus turnover affects remaining employees also.”

She adds: “Companies will never be able to prevent all employees from seeking work elsewhere, but it helps to understand the main motivations for leaving in order to create an environment that reduces turnover.”  

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