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August 2017
Mercer View

Navigating the New Frenzy in Global Mergers and Acquisitions

Having the right technical HR technical knowledge and practical capabilities is key to capitalizing on the boom in today’s highly complex and nuanced cross-border deals.

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New Research Uncovers Key Drivers of Gender Equality Inside Organizations

New Mercer research yields surprising new findings about what helps increase gender diversity in organizations — and what impedes it. Learn more.

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Health Management Dashboards Help Lower Health Costs, Boost Productivity

Unhealthy employees increase health care costs and decrease profits and productivity. A health management dashboard — as part of a data-driven health management strategy — can help.

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Building a Real Asset Portfolio

In a low-yield environment, real assets’ diversification, inflation-linkage, return, and store of value characteristics provide attractive portfolio building blocks. Learn how to evaluate their risks and benefits.

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Capturing the Knowledge Most at Risk When Employees Leave

As baby boomers begin to retire in massive numbers, organizations face an unprecedented loss of essential employee knowledge, threatening productivity and innovation. Discover a better way to transition talent.

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New Insights on Workforce Engagement in Saudi Arabia

Saudi employers and employees struggle to define what’s needed to attract and retain best-fit employees. New Mercer research provides insights on this dynamic talent market.

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Talent Management Trends Prompt Re-evaluation of Technology Decisions

Simply implementing software solutions hasn’t been enough to address the complex needs of talent leaders and managers. Learn what’s required today in the area of talent technology.

Mercer View

The View From Latin America: Driving Performance in the Era of Big Data

Mercer’s Latin America business leaders discuss their annual Latin America HR Forum, which focused on how organizations can use data to maximize organizational performance.