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Mapping President Biden’s objectives to employers’ priorities

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A Democratic Senate

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US Health News Perspective

President Biden wants to revamp the ACA to make health care more affordable. What changes does he seek – and how might they impact businesses and employees? We share thoughts on the ACA’s 10-year evolution and our latest survey results on how employers view the Democrats’ proposals
Senate control shifts to the Democrats. There are limitations to how much the Democrats can get done with 51 votes. What does that mean for the legislative outlook and what other benefits will shift to the Democrats?
Tracy Watts and Beth Umland discuss Mercer’s recent post-election health policy survey of employers and the somewhat surprising results - and what they may mean for your benefit strategies

US Election Webinar Held Nov 18

Rupert Watson and team shared insights on how investment solutions can help investors position their portfolios to evaluate and execute opportunities even amid market turbulence.

US Election Webinar Held Nov 5

If you missed our first post-election webinar, here's your chance to view the recording. We share our insights on potential changes to the health, retirement and investment policy agenda and strategies you'll want to focus on while the new Congress finds its footing.

US Election Webinar Held Nov 10

Mercer experts discussed the potential post-election policy effects on healthcare, retirement plans and investments, and executive rewards issues. Topics included legislative and regulatory priorities for the President and Congress in 2021 and how employers should prepare.