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Video: 5 Major Health Care Trends

For our 2015 National Survey for Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, we asked almost 2,500 employers across sizes and industries about health care costs, plan design, impacts of the Affordable Care Act, how they were preparing for the Excise Tax, and more. In this short animated video, we explore five major trends shaping health care today. How are these trends impacting your organization?

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5 Major Trends Shaping Health Care Today

  1. The Excise Tax motivated employers to take bold actions to control costs.
  2. Employees are going shopping, with high-deductible consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) providing more health care delivery options.
  3. Employers are embracing technology, like wearable devices and mobile apps, to engage employees to care for their health.
  4. Employers large and small remain committed to providing health coverage instead of sending employees to the public exchange.
  5. People care deeply about their health benefits, which remain an essential part of the employee value proposition

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