Beyond Benchmarking: How to Create a Business Case for Performance Measure Selection and Goal Setting

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It can be a challenge to motivate and assess business leaders’ efforts through variable pay programs.  In most cases, the immediate instinct is for you to ask, “What do others do?” Typically, this results in benchmarking against your peers’ actions, using current budgets alone to guide decisions, or relying on well-worn methods.

But these approaches fall short in an era of disruption and increased shareholder engagement.

Close scrutiny of executive compensation adds to the imperative for you to establish a distinct business case for performance measure selection and goal setting. From tax laws to CEO pay ratio disclosures, recent years have seen ever-increasing demands for greater transparency and accountability in executive rewards.

Selecting unique performance measures — and then setting executives’ unique goals — enables your company to align the business strategy with both the investor value proposition and pay outcomes to unlock greater value from variable pay investments. A tailored, data-driven and transparent system for motivating and rewarding executives sets the scene for your company to succeed.

Download this article to learn how to:

  • Identify the common pitfalls of performance measurement and goal setting
  • Gain expert insights into the advantages of analytics in performance measure selection
  • Determine criteria for understanding how “exceptional” is exceptional performance
  • Embark on the next evolution for executive rewards
“The missing piece of the puzzle today is often external, future-focused goals: what are the enterprise’s objectives for the years ahead, and are such aspirations built into expectations for future performance?” Will Ferguson, Senior Partner, Mercer

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