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Cultivate a Lab Mindset: Building the Innovation-Ready Organization
Calendar09 October 2018

You may have innovation on your mission statement, but is that what employees truly experience?

Some people find inspiration when walking the dog, others when bouncing ideas off colleagues, and some get their best ideas in the shower. Wherever creativity happens, it is clear that innovation is no longer preserved to the tech maven or science whiz.

In an era of continuous transformation, innovation is everyone’s job. And it’s a job that sits at the heart of how individuals, companies and society prepare for the future of work. Innovative businesses flourish and so do their people: we know that innovation makes a difference to where individuals want to work, and where they want to stay.

Yet the employee experience often lags this aspiration today, with only 45% of employees saying their company accepts failure as a part of learning.

So how do we move forward? A lab mindset is one that poses questions, investigates hypotheses, and draws on data to support or disprove ideas. It is at the core of the future of work and moves us closer to the goal of innovation. Talent practices, such as creative performance management and workforce analytics, can infuse an enterprise-wide culture of experimentation, one that drives new products and solutions, and also drives evolution in HR.

Cultivating a lab mindset is an intrinsic part of building a thriving workforce for the future, and helping HR make smarter, quicker talent decisions. And it all starts with HR. Download the paper and explore how.

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