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Demand for Healthcare Workers Will Outpace Supply by 2025

Growth in US Healthcare employment is poised to explode over the next decade, but will healthcare providers be able to find enough workers to fill these roles?

The healthcare industry is changing, fast. New technologies are transforming how healthcare is delivered. New competition is changing where healthcare is delivered. And new reimbursement models are changing how healthcare is paid for and how healthcare systems manage costs.

These changes, combined with demographic trends and regulatory uncertainties, are transforming the future of the healthcare workforce.  For executives at hospitals and healthcare systems, it’s important to know exactly how these changes will impact their business.

Mercer’s latest analysis of projected healthcare workforce supply and demand across the United States will help hospitals and health systems identify the critical occupation gaps that they need to prepare for and potential opportunities for new recruitment grounds they might not be aware of.

By 2025, the US will likely face a shortage of...









Examine US Healthcare Workforce Projected Gaps and Surpluses

Download this report to learn more about the workforce risks and opportunities facing the healthcare industry, nationally and by state. In this report you will:

  • Understand the key trends leading to higher demand for healthcare workers, in particular home health aides, medical technologists and technicians and nurses
  • Get a detailed view of workforce supply and demand projections by state to identify specific labor risks facing your local market and potential opportunities for new recruitment grounds
  • Takeaway three actions to consider when building the future-ready workforce you need to deliver quality patient care
Download the Report to Get Expert Insights Behind the Analysis
Complete the form below to download the report. If you’re interested in reviewing projections for specific workforce gaps  in your state, request to speak with a consultant. We can help you understand your risk exposure and the workforce planning actions you can take now to prepare.
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