Managing today’s workforce is a tall task. Within two years, five generations will be at work simultaneously. Longevity and worries over financial security will keep more people in work, even as younger generations join. And as the corporate ladder turns into a corporate lattice, talent management has become increasingly complex.


Many leaders and managers have more questions than answers on how to engage diverse groups of employees. How often should I recognize my millennials? What’s the best way to inspire Gen Xers and baby boomers? What do I need to know about Gen Z and the upcoming Gen Alpha workforce?


Mercer’s experience shows that the following model clarifies the critical factors that affect employee motivation, regardless of career or life stage. It provides the C-suite and managers with a set of guiding principles for assessing what employees want when it comes to career, health and wealth.


What Does a Better Approach to Multigenerational Engagement Look Like?


1. Start with your leaders and managers: Effective leaders understand who they are, how they behave and how they influence their team. But with limited resources and even less time, leaders face ever more elevated levels of stress. Overwhelmed leaders provide significantly less recognition and support.



2. Integrate your data: A robust workforce analytics platform can lead to clear insight and action.  Whether it be through agile surveying, the personalization of engagement or infused analytics, you will have a clearer (and actionable) picture of turnover, productivity, service, profit, efficiency and stock performance.



3. Focus on performance: Do you know what drives performance in your organization? Through linkage analysis, organizations can identify the critical factors that impact performance.



4. Tap into the power of personal engagement: In most organizations, leaders, managers and HR are responsible for building a culture of engagement. What about employees? Mercer’s experience suggests they have a role to play, too.


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