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Discovering What Drives Female Engagement in the US Workplace
Discovering what Drives Female Engagement in the US Workplace
Calendar07 August 2017

Inside Employees' Minds

Workforce engagement is increasingly considered a competitive differentiator as organizations vie for top talent and seek to motivate and retain their current employees. Mercer's latest study, Inside Employees' Minds: Drivers of Female Engagement in the US Workplace, examines the differences between women's and men's priorities and perceptions of aspects of the employee value proposition and explores the drivers of engagement and overall satisfaction by gender.

Understanding the unique needs of women and taking proactive steps to create more fulfilling work experiences may be the key to solving the puzzle that continues to confound businesses: how to increase performance through gender parity. 

In this report and during our upcoming webcast on September 12th we uncover: 

  • Which elements of the employee value proposition are most important to women?  
  • Which are the right levers for enhancing women’s engagement and overall satisfaction? 
  • How do fair and transparent pay, defined career paths, and inclusive working environments affect the engagement and overall satisfaction of women in the workplace?
  • What actions can organizations take to improve their gender diversity efforts?

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