COVID-19 has brought forth unprecedented chaos and stress on HR teams, employees, and software for many – especially within the medical industry. Teams that were once effective are struggling with the sheer volume of workforce inquiries, which is compounded by cumbersome and disjointed legacy solutions. This creates an environment where teams have limited availability and are overwhelmed with the time spent on manual support. 


As we continue to understand and adjust to the long-lasting effects of Covid-19, HR operations and effectiveness will be more visible than ever before. Many organizations are struggling with the inability to access, digest, and automate HR process flows. This is creating a disjointed view of what is working, what is not working, and where they can improve.


Good news – this is where Mercer can provide you with relief. Our goal is to help you better understand, plan, execute, and assess your new normal. We can relieve your staff of Tier 0, Tier 1, and HR task-related inquiries during this time of transition so you can keep pace with both the current-and-future change of demand on your team and systems.

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How can you transform your HR department to not just survive this new reality, but thrive?
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How, you ask? How can you transform your HR department to stay abreast of this new reality? How can you thrive? How do teams become less reliant and more efficient in their operating model? What steps can be taken to ensure employee engagement at all levels? What systems can be leveraged to ease the burden on human capital management and HR teams?

How do you future-proof your organization?


ServiceNow, rated by Forbes as the world’s #1 most innovative company, provides a platform that can help. The time savings gained by leveraging ServiceNow’s Human Resource Service Desk will be able to support your HR teams and allow them to focus on more employee-to-employee interactions and overcome the complex challenges you currently face. By simplifying the user experience, employees and managers have access to real-time insights with visibility into their tasks to provide overall relief to their overworked teams.


With Mercer and ServiceNow, you can operate effectively during this time of uncertainty (and beyond) in three ways:


  • Updating and modifying your current people operations and the employee experience
  • Creating a single employee portal for employees and managers to discover information, submit requests, or complete HR specific tasks
  • Unifying the status of employee transitions and providing actionable insights for future decisions

Your team can also engage with solutions specific to HR like Virtual Agent or Knowledge to further automate standard HR tasks. In turn, this provides additional bandwidth to HR teams by answering their common questions and making information more readily available.


We will all come out of this COVID-19 crisis stronger. By connecting with Mercer Digital Solutions today, we can help you meet, exceed, and streamline your HR experience into your present-day model, unburdening your teams and leaving them feeling empowered, aligned, and supported.

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