Whitepaper 1:

Plan Now for the Workforce of the Future

The first step in organizational readiness is to gain a deep understanding of existing talent and resources in your organization. Many organizations struggle to understand their workforce’s current capabilities, much less their future needs.


In the first whitepaper of our  series, we focus on how business leaders can use workforce data and analytics to get to know their talent and take an organizational x-ray to identify skill gaps and critical roles to help them develop their future workforce strategy.



Whitepaper 2:

HR’s Role as An Equal Partner in Workforce Planning

Bloomberg’s recent Future of Work survey showed that HR typically retains its traditional role in recruiting and workforce development, but only 19% of HR respondents said they are involved in technology rollout and its integration with the workforce. How can organizations implement a workforce for the future strategy without HR as a true strategic partner with an influential voice?.


In the second whitepaper of our series, we focus on HR’s unique position in facilitating organizational culture and workforce change, and offer suggestions on how HR can earn its place in this important strategic effort.



Whitepaper 3:

Business Strategy Should Drive Workforce Planning

Forward-thinking business leaders know they need to act now to prepare their workforce for the future. But there is less certainty about how to turn this business imperative into a practical workforce strategy.

In the third whitepaper of our series, we discuss how business leaders must align on a shared vision for their workforce strategy and develop a roadmap that will lead to effective organizational change.

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