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Women in the Workplace: The When Women Thrive Story

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The When Women Thrive Story
The When Women Thrive Story
Calendar15 May 2019

As we reach the fifth anniversary of Mercer’s When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive research and consulting practicewe are also celebrating our recent EDGE Certification in the US and UK. It’s an appropriate time to reflect on some of the lessons learned and challenges we’ve encountered in our own journey toward gender equity — where we began, where we are and where we’re headed.

Real transformation requires a plan of action, resources and support. We began our journey by applying Mercer’s own methodology to the problem — beginning with data and ending with our proven approach to changing organizational processes, behaviors and beliefs.

Our When Women Thrive journey has shaped how we help our clients accelerate progress towards gender equality. By sharing our story, we hope to inspire and positively impact organizations that are working to build a diverse workforce with an inclusive culture.

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