What does a workforce built for the future look like?


When you hear that 58% of human tasks will likely be automatable by 2025 (World Economic Forum), it’s no wonder that 72% of Americans say they are worried about technology replacing human jobs (Pew Research Center). However, the future of jobs is bright. An estimated 133 million new jobs will be created in place of the 75 million that will be displaced by 2022, resulting in 58 million net new jobs. Are you ready to help lead the shift?


The workforce for the future will be Human-Led and Technology-Enabled, continuously using technology to unlock and augment human potential.


A workforce built for the future is:


Built for Speed


Adopt an agile, data-driven, digital culture that encourages rapid learning and execution that drives growth faster than your competition.



Intentionally Diverse


Ignite an inclusive culture that embraces diverse mindsets, skillsets and a flexible, digital workplace.



Working with Purpose


Deliver a strong employee value proposition with careers people crave and a focus on employees’ well-being and purpose.



Designed Flexibly


Actively use predictive analytics to develop a platform for talent and a workforce that is fluid in size, shape and skills.


Building your workforce for the future?

Through digital tools, deep data and analytics, and skills-based workshops, Mercer can help you get your business leaders and HR team members ready to build your workforce for the future. Talk to us about how we can help you:

• Take an X-ray of your current workforce. Identify the skills gaps and critical roles you need today in a workforce built for tomorrow.
• Get your HR team ready for action. Increase the impact that HR can have on leading the development of a workforce built for the future.
• Align your business. Ensure that business leaders and employees throughout your organization are working together to create the change you need to compete in the future of work.

Get ready for the future of work


Your company’s success relies on your people. As you balance the day-to-day running of HR, take your first steps to innovating and preparing for the future of work by leveraging the latest trends from our 2020 Global Talent Trends report.