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Advancing Women in the Workforce: The 2018 Gender Inflection Point

What drives the advancement of women at work? Read this report to learn why data and analytics, courageous leadership and culture are key to building a diverse and inclusive workforce for the future.

When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive 


At the current rate of change, it will take 217 years to close the global economic gap between the genders – 47 years longer than projected in 2016 and 99 years longer than predicted in 2015, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report.


However, increasing media coverage and discussion of topics of equal pay and treatment of women in the workplace are making everyone – from investors and board members to employees and customers – pay close attention to these issues like never before.


Now we find ourselves at a rare inflection point, navigating broad and potentially game-changing conversations about how women are faring in the workplace and beyond.


Video: Why Now Is The Time To Accelerate for Impact

We are now at an inflection point. Take this opportunity to act and drive progress for women at work.



Today’s business leaders have a choice to make: Take the opportunity to act now to drive the advancement of women in the workforce or watch the potential for progress slip away.


Four years into our When Women Thrive research, we are now at a point where we can harness enough data, examples and experience from leaders who’ve successfully led through change to make progress for women at their organizations. Our latest report discusses the key accelerators for driving these changes, including:


  • Data and analytics to support and strengthen the decisions being made to advance women in the workplace
  • Courageous leadership at all levels of the organization to demonstrate broad commitment to helping women succeed
  • Holistic coordination and linkage across all aspects of the change effort to make sure they reinforce one another and accelerate progress

Video: World Economic Forum 2018 Leadership Panel

Hear executives discuss key strategies for leading change to make progress for gender diversity


Read this report to learn the three strategies that you can take to lead the change and take the first steps toward closing the gender gap as you build your workforce for the future.


Navigate the Future of Work through Analytics: Learn how workforce data and analytics can help you strengthen the position of women in the workforce by identifying and measuring key drivers of success and uncovering alternate career pathways to positions at risk of disruption through technology.


Enable Employees to Bring Their Whole Selves to Work: Take away best practices for implementing programs that help women manage their unique health needs, caregiving responsibilities and get on a more sound financial footing.


Make a Change for Good – The Role of Culture and Courageous Leadership: Find out why organizations must have a deep understanding of and sensitivity to the psychology of all the individuals involved and why it’s essential for leaders to show commitment to advancing women in the workforce.


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