Building Your Workforce for the Future

Leading Through Disruption: Building A Human-Centered Talent Model in the Technology Industry

The rise of automation and the on-demand workforce are disrupting how work gets done in the technology sector. Read this report to learn how you can lead through disruption to build your technology workforce for the future.

Human-Led, Technology-Enabled: Workforce Transformation In The Technology Sector

Advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are creating significant opportunities for organizations to increase productivity and foster innovation in the workplace. In the technology industry, these disruptive forces are leading to three fundamental shifts in the way work gets done.


  1. The unbundling of work from jobs
  2. An emergence of new roles requiring new skills
  3. An increase in tasks that require higher cognitive and emotive complexity


These three trends are all redefining the talent model that technology organizations are taking to build their workforce for the future and create competitive advantage.


Read this report to learn how technology organizations can best prepare for tomorrow’s talent needs and achieve competitive advantage in the future of work, and for insight into:


  • How three key workforce shifts are fundamentally impacting the human workforce in the technology industry
  • Emerging options for talent leaders in technology companies to build tomorrow’s talent model in their unique organizational context
  • The role of HR in enabling workforce transformation and leading organizational change
  • What it takes to build an innovation-centered technology organization and how to identify where your company sits on the innovation outlook spectrum


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