Defined Benefit Pension Risk
Defined Benefit Top Areas of Focus for 2017

The investment environment became less certain at the end of 2016, with rising interest rates and volatile equity markets. For defined benefit plans, this has created opportunities and risks. Increasing discount rates and equity markets have improved funding ratios rapidly, moving plans back to or above their highest funding position of the year. This may present some plans with a range of opportunities, such as executing risk transfer actions or locking in gains and cutting risk. However, the prospects of increasing inflation and government spending on infrastructure could create a meaningfully different market environment than investors have faced since the financial crisis.

Have You Prepared a Comprehensive Journey Plan?

Are You Ready to Respond to Growth Portfolio Opportunities and Challenges?

What About Re-Risking?

Is a 2017 Cash-Out Right for You?

Is There an Opportunity to Transfer Risk to an Insurer?

Are You Effectively Managing Alternative Asset Classes?

Is Your Data Ready?

Do You Need a Delegated Manager?

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