Build diversity, equity, and inclusion 

For years, Mercer has applied a rigorous, evidence-based approach to helping organizations to identify and remediate bias within their workforce practices around pay, performance, promotion, and retention. Today it is more critical than ever to take a holistic view to developing your DEI strategy - recognizing that inclusion often requires culture and behavioral change as well as a multi-pronged method to address both individual and organizational accountability. It is an iterative process; not a one-and-done fix. 


We collaborate with clients on their journey to support long-term, measurable change. Uncover the active measures you can take to ensure equity of opportunity, experience, and pay, and as well to nurture a diverse and inclusive culture.




Watch the video: Driving diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in action


Hear from Lee Jourdan, Chevron's Chief Diversity Officer, about how Chevron is continuing to build on its diverse and inclusive culture. 

Watch the video 

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