Employer Led Healthcare Costs Transformation

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How Employers Can Cut Healthcare Costs and Transform the Healthcare System

The current healthcare system is unsustainable. Lack of competition, costs that outpace inflation, and too much complexity and fragmentation mean that healthcare cost, quality and satisfaction are unacceptable. The failure of today’s system makes it challenging for employers to offer sustainable plans.  

It's time for change, and it's up to employers to lead the transformation.  

Impacts on Employer Sponsored Health Coverage

Employers today are faced with many complex, unprecedented challenges that impact their ability to deliver an effective system, including:

  1. Difficulty navigating a complex and fragmented system
  2. Soaring costs for employers and employees
  3. Significant effort needed to manage a high-performing plan

Employers Are Facing Unprecedented Healthcare Challenges

Watch our animated video on the employer-led healthcare transformation to learn how organizations like yours can start to think and act differently to effect change.

Healthy Employees Fuel a Healthy Bottom Line

In addition to cutting healthcare spend, healthier employees contribute to your company’s bottom line in all of the following ways:

  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Lower turnover and higher retention
  • Better overall engagement
  • Better safety results
  • Lower disability costs

Four Ways Employers Can Lead the Transformation

Employers can lead the transformation by addressing four key areas: pay for value, drive to quality, personalize the experience, embrace disruption.


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