About the study


Compares and contrasts worker views with those of C-suite and senior decision makers across nine sectors





Senior Decision Makers


Fielded in June 2019


Seven mature (U.S., U.K., Canada, Fielded in June 2019 Italy, France, Netherlands and Singapore) and six growth markets (Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia and Mexico).

Six key findings and implications

Strong business case for digital health


of workers say they are much less/less likely to move elsewhere if their employer promotes or sponsors digital health solutions in the workplace.


of employers believe an investment in digital health and well-being solutions will have a positive impact on staff energy levels and 4/10 believe promoting or sponsoring digital health solutions will aid staff retention.


of employers are very/somewhat likely to invest more in digital health in the next five years.

Implications: Digital health and well-being solutions will be of increasing importance in retaining, engaging and energizing workers.

Workers value patient-centered solutions

Out of a list of 15 digital health innovations, these three were rated valuable by the most workers


App that helps find the right doctor or medical care when and where I need it.


Personal individual and family medical records that are electronic and portable.


Tele-medicine (remote video-chat, text with a doctor or nurse) for a simple health issue like a rash or a cold.

Implications: For workers, digital health solutions have a clear role in facilitating personalized health care.

Low barriers to adoption; high trust in employers

Implications: Workers are surprisingly willing to share health data to receive higher quality, more personalized and convenient care.

High demand for a pro-health culture

of workers say employees are allowed time off to see healthcare professionals or to get treatments.

of employers say employees are allowed time off to see healthcare professionals or to get treatments.

Implications: Workers value a pro-health work culture – which has important implications for digital health solutions.

Four different worker segments to engage

Sign me up

Impress me

Get me comfortable

Not for me

Distinguished by attitudes towards digital health innovations; level of confidence in employer-sponsored digital heath solutions; and the likelihood of staying with an employer offering these solutions.

Implications: Unique worker segments have different attitudes towards health innovation and require tailored approaches.

Stark differences between growth & mature markets


of growth market respondents report greater confidence in the digital and well-being solutions from employers.


of mature market respondents.


of growth market respondents say they are much less/less likely to move elsewhere.


of those in mature markets – if their employer promotes or sponsors digital health solutions.

Implications: More workers in growth markets are ready for digital health now, but across all markets, workers are open to digital solutions that address their needs.