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The HERO Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer©, U.S. Version
Calendar26 September 2017

We know that well-designed, comprehensive, and evidence based workplace health promotion programs can improve the health risk profile of employees and lower their health care costs. However, too few US employers provide effective health and well-being programs, often because they lack the tools and knowledge to design and implement world-class employee health management programs. The HERO Health and Well-Being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer© (the “Scorecard”) was developed to help employers measure the extent to which their programs align with industry best practices.


Online Tool and Free of Charge

The Scorecard is a free, online tool that has become one of the most widely used organizational health and well-being assessment tools.

Over 1,000 employers completed the Version 3 of the Scorecard and over 600 have completed the latest (Version 4) launched in 2014, including companies from services, manufacturing and healthcare industries, as well as many municipalities, universities and not-for-profits. Participants use their scores for strategic planning and evaluating their program’s success, as well as predict outcomes important to businesses — health care cost trends and employee health risks.


Complete the scorecard to receive an instant assessment of how your program stacks up to best practices and to others in the national Scorecard database.

Some employers find the greatest value of the Scorecard by simply using it as an inventory of health and well-being best practices compiled by leaders in the field. Others benefit from bringing different stakeholders together to complete the Scorecard. Others find that comparing their scores to national norms helps validate current strategies, identify opportunities and set goals for improvement.

Developed in consultation with leading authorities on health and well-being, the Scorecard is designed to help employers, providers and other stakeholders learn about health and well-being best practices based on data, not anecdotes. They can then discover opportunities to improve their programs and measure progress over time.

Best Practices Compiled by Industry Thought Leaders

Learn how HERO Scorecard-based studies are answering the practical questions needed for improving programs, including those that support the business case for continued investments in health and well-being initiatives. For more information fill out the form below to speak to a consultant now.

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