Health benefit cost growth has slowed since the 2000s, but it’s still outpacing inflation and healthcare affordability has become is a pressing issue for many.  Now we seem to be on the cusp of a digital revolution that could make healthcare significantly more efficient, effective and people-centric.  For employers hoping to make this a reality in their own programs, the critical factor is understanding what employees really value in healthcare.

In this webcast, we draw on the results of our flagship National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans and of a major new survey of workers in the US and around the world – Health on Demand to uncover:


  • How employers have already incorporated digital health and other innovations in their programs and the impact it’s having. 
  • How understanding employee attitudes towards digital health -- what excites them and what worries them – can help employers craft successful strategies. 

Spoiler alert: when it comes to digital health, different segments of the workforce will be starting from very different places.

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