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Healthcare Reform and American Businesses
Calendar08 August 2017

Given the number of Americans they insure and their collective purchasing power, employers are pivotal players in today’s healthcare system.

Approximately 177 million Americans receive health coverage through an employer. In 2015, employers spent $668 billion on health benefits. That’s more than the federal government spent on Medicare. That’s why it’s so important that health policy changes be considered in light of the impact it will have on employers’ ability to provide employees with quality health insurance at a sustainable cost.

Our policy brief provides four pragmatic recommendations for the future of healthcare from the employers’ perspective:

  • Maintain favorable tax treatment of employer-sponsored benefits
  • Reject cost-shifting policies
  • Encourage responsible health spending
  • Support transition to value-based models

Learn more:

How Employers Can Lead the Healthcare Transformation

Watch our animated video on the employer-led healthcare transformation to learn how organizations like yours can start to think and act differently to effect change.

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