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Healthcare Reform and American Businesses
Calendar12 March 2018

Given the number of Americans they insure and their collective purchasing power, employers are pivotal players in today’s healthcare system.


According to the US Census Bureau, more than 178 million Americans currently have employer-sponsored health insurance — more than half the country, surpassing Medicare and Medicaid and dwarfing the number of people covered in the individual market. 

Despite employers playing such a significant role, policy debates have too often ignored them, focusing instead on the role state or federal government should play in providing healthcare coverage. 

With Washington’s continued consideration of policies that could significantly impact employer-sponsored health coverage, policymakers need to know that employers are already implementing reforms that lead to higher quality; more coordinated care and also decrease costs.


That’s why Mercer and the American Benefits Council have partnered to bring forward case studies of how employers are transforming the way healthcare is delivered from the inside out. The experiences and outcomes from these efforts have the potential to fundamentally improve healthcare for all Americans.


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How Employers Can Lead the Healthcare Transformation 

Watch our animated video on the employer-led healthcare transformation to learn how organizations like yours can start to think and act differently to effect change.

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