A New Route to Value Based Design

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A New Route to Value Based Design
Calendar18 November 2014

What’s the latest on value-based design? About a fourth of all large employers (500 or more employees) and about half of jumbo employers (20,000 or more employees) currently use value-based design, Mercer’s National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans finds, but that number hasn’t changed much in the last few years. However, as Mercer’s David Dross comments in this article, it may not be that interest in value-based design has stalled, but rather that the focus has shifted away from incenting employees to seek evidence-based treatment to rewarding the providers who routinely practice evidence-based medicine. As David put it, we’re seeing “an uptick in pay-for-performance projects designed to provide incentives to medical providers to keep people healthy.” This can take the form of contracting with a high-performance network, a narrow subset of a preferred provider network, to implement value-based insurance design principles.

Source: crainsbenefitsoutlook.com

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