A Tale of Two Clinics that Save Money and Time

Onsite health clinics may not be a new strategy for providing convenient health care for employees, but a couple of recent articles spotlight employers that are using clinics to work towards medical cost management and productivity goals. St. Joseph Hoag Health in Orange County, CA, has been operating a clinic for only about a year, but they estimate that it has already saved around 2,300 hours of productivity. SAS, a large software analytics company, has had an onsite clinic in place since 1984 and has the historical data needed to quantify the clinic’s impact. They found that over a three-year period health plan claims up to $600 less for SAS clinic users. Key factors in determining whether an onsite clinic might be right for you include the number of employees at a given worksite and physical space and resources available for a clinic build-out. And the treatment of clinic operating costs for the purposes of the excise tax calculation remains unclear.

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Emily Ferreira
by Emily Ferreira

Associate, Health & Benefits Survey Research, Mercer

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