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ACA Consulting: Compliance Getting Costly

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ACA Compliance Getting Costly
Calendar22 May 2015

In the five years that Mercer has been surveying employers about the ACA, the top two employer concerns have been the increased administrative burden and the 2018 excise tax. In a new survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, one-third of employers indicated that they believe the greatest ACA cost increase will occur in 2016. This is most likely due to the administrative costs associated with the ACA reporting requirements. Another 27% believe the largest ACA cost increase will occur in 2018 when the excise tax on high cost plans becomes effective. Going forward employers think the greatest ACA cost drivers will be the excise tax and administrative costs. Despite these concerns, our Mercer survey data indicates that 97% of large employers are committed to offering health coverage to their employees.

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