ACA Nonretaliation Protections MEC Reporting Instructions

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ACA Nonretaliation Protections MEC Reporting Instructions
Calendar14 October 2016

Final Department of Labor rules explain the nonretaliation protections for employees seeking subsidized health coverage from a public exchange, reporting certain ACA violations by an employer's group health plan, cooperating in ACA investigations or enforcement proceedings, or refusing to engage in activities that could violate the ACA. The rules leave intact interim regulations from 2013, with a few clarifications about complaint procedures and the scope of the law's protections.

IRS has released final instructions and forms for 2016 minimum essential coverage (MEC) reporting (Forms 1094-B and 1095-B) which health insurers and some self-insured employers will use to report MEC provided to individuals in 2016. IRS uses MEC reported on the forms to determine whether individuals owe assessments under the ACA's shared-responsibility provisions. IRS has apparently made only minor changes to the 2016 instructions from the version used for 2015 reporting. Drafts of the 2016 employer shared-responsibility forms and instructions that applicable large employers will use to report on coverage offered to employees and their dependents came out earlier this summer.

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