ACA Repeal May Not Be Popular With Employees

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ACA Repeal May Not Be Popular With Employees
Calendar06 December 2016

Last week, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation released new data showing only one in four Americans favor repeal of the ACA. About half of the respondents want Congress to leave the ACA alone or make it bigger and stronger. Contrast that with the results from our latest Mercer poll, where 63% of participating employers said they favored repeal-and-replace of the ACA; only 15% said they oppose; and 22% said they don't have an opinion yet. Why the difference? When pondering repeal, employers may be hoping for elimination of the cost and administrative burdens imposed by the ACA, where individuals may be concerned about losing some of the protections afforded by the ACA – for example, the ban on pre-existing coverage exclusions and coverage eligibility to age 26.

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