Addressing Your Gender Benefits Gap

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Addressing Your Gender Benefits Gap
Calendar16 February 2016

We often hear about the gender pay gap, but it’s not every day that organizations devote as much attention to their gender benefits gap. According to Mercer’s provocative 2016 When Women Thrive global report, organizations can, and should, be doing more to offer benefits education programs that specifically cater to women. Currently, only 9% of corporations are monitoring savings behavior by gender, but as Mercer’s Brian Levine points out in this Employee Benefits News article, “Women live longer, are more likely to have breaks in service, save less and make less risky portfolio decisions, so providing guidance to that population on investment decisions” is key. Organizations that focus on educational activities geared toward women’s health and wealth management can boost their female representation at the professional level and above – and with current talent flows in North America bringing us virtually no closer to gender parity by 2025, taking a proactive approach like this is critical.

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