Are You Winning the War on Cost in 2015

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Are You Winning the War on Cost in 2015
Calendar10 October 2014

This week, the government announced that Medicare premiums will remain flat in 2015. According to the Office of Personnel Management, medical premiums for plans that cover federal employees and retirees is expected to go up 3.2% in 2015. This is nearly on par with preliminary results from Mercer’s 2014 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans showing a 3.9% increase in costs in 2015 for employer-sponsored health plans. On the other hand, the projected increase for public exchange plans, based on 38 states so far, is higher, at 6%. What’s driving the lower increases? Some attribute to the effect of the ACA; others think it is the weak economy and people are seeking less care. As an employer, how does your increase for 2015 compare? If not in the ballpark with these stats, check out our post last week on 25 Best Practices that Could Lower Plan Costs.

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