Businesses Journey on the Road to Healthcare Reform

Businesses Journey on the Road to Healthcare Reform

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Businesses Journey on the Road to Healthcare Reform
Calendar23 February 2017

Starting the day after the Presidential election, I have devoured every bit of information about the fate of the Affordable Care Act as we know it. From “repeal and replace” to the new “r” word – repair – there has been an abundance of positioning and pontification on the topic. Meanwhile, we have just published a Marsh & McLennan Companies Health Policy Paper that reflects our best thinking from both Mercer and Oliver Wyman as it relates to the road ahead for healthcare reform. 

We’ve built our position on the basic premise that businesses in the United States provide health care for 177 million Americans and spend more on healthcare than the federal government spends on Medicare. We believe therefore that any efforts to improve the current system should simultaneously take action to preserve and expand employer-sponsored health coverage, and enact policies that promote efficiency and quality in the larger US healthcare system. You can read our policy paper here.  We will be blogging on our four specific recommendations over the next few days.

While working on the policy paper, we have also been busy talking to lawmakers and staffers on Capitol Hill and in the administration. Check out Beth Umland’s post on our participation in “Hill Day” and how we have been sharing our own research and projections with lawmakers to help them understand the implications of various proposals that would affect employer-sponsored health insurance. We know they are listening because the themes we are promoting have started to surface in news articles and attributed quotes. A shout out to our friends at the American Benefits CouncilAlliance to Fight the 40ERISA Industry Committee, and the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers for all they are doing to advocate for employer-sponsored health coverage.

Now is the time for employers to make sure their voice is heard.  While many aspects of what we have seen so far in the Republican outline address other segments of the marketplace, it is important to remember that additional cost pressure in the individual market and Medicaid could lead to new sources of uncompensated care that will undoubtedly result in cost shifting to private payors. In addition, while everyone agrees that the excise tax should be repealed, lawmakers are looking for other options to replace that tax revenue. Employers have a stake in all of these policy issues.

Businesses across the US and their benefits teams work tirelessly to provide the best benefits possible by making efficient use of the budget dollars available to support these programs.  We are in the early stages of a major transformation in how people access care and how care is delivered. It is being led by employers and innovative providers that are focused on the best ways to harness technology, consumerism, and advances in value-based reimbursement. The potential quality improvements and savings are vast. We are on this journey together – and everyone in America wins when we are successful.

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