Can I Have a Price Check Transparency Website Launches

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Can I Have a Price Check Transparency Website Launches
Calendar06 March 2015

Here’s a resource you may want to pass along to your employees. The Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), a nonprofit industry association, has launched a price transparency website to help consumers find cost information for common health conditions and services, based on data collected from four major health insurers – Aetna, Assurant Health, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare. The attractive, easy-to-use website, called Guroo, provides national, state and local cost averages for a comprehensive list of services. You can’t look up costs by provider, but you can quickly get a sense of how much the price for the same service varies by geographic location. Of course, most consumers won’t want to travel across the country – or even to a different city – to get the lowest possible price on an MRI. But if they know the local average cost, they’ll know if their provider is way out of line – and that there is likely a less expensive option nearby.

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