CEOs Bullish on Employer Health Plans in New BRT Report

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CEOs Bullish on Employer Health Plans in New BRT Report
Calendar10 September 2014

A new report from the Business Round Table provides insight into what the CEOs of 85 Fortune 1000 companies see as the future of employer-sponsored health coverage. (And since they’re in a position to influence the future, their vision is worth noting!) First of all, they don’t see their organizations terminating their health plans any time soon. But they recognize that changes are needed to ensure employer-sponsored plans are sustainable over the long haul. What’s needed, as the BRT report describes it, is “an informed and motivated consumer who takes action to get the best health outcomes for themselves and their family.” We can’t get there without transparency regarding the cost and quality of services, so that’s first on the to-do list. The BRT CEOs also put a high value on employee wellness and prevention, and called out a number of companies that are investing in programs that support smoking cessation, physical activity, and access to primary and preventive care. These mini-case studies offer ideas and inspiration to other employers looking for innovative ways to advance the health and well-being of their workforce.

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