CFOs Talking To Investors About the Cadillac Tax

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CFOs Talking To Investors About the Cadillac Tax
Calendar27 May 2015

In the first five months of 2015, 13 CFOs of publicly traded companies have talked to investors about the 2018 excise tax on high-cost health plans. As we move closer to 2018, we expect more CFOs will be asked when their company’s plans will be subject to the tax, the amount of the liability, and the impact the tax will have on their business strategy. If asked today, would your leaders be comfortable answering those questions? If not, start by using our excise tax calculator to estimate when your plans might hit the tax thresholds. As a follow-up, HR, benefits, and finance, along with their trusted advisors, should meet to discuss the amount and timing of the tax and how it will impact benefits strategy, recruitment/retention of employees, and financial results. Make sure your leaders are ready to answer questions about the tax should they come from the press, investors, or your employees.

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