Changes to the ACA What s on Your Wish List

Changes to the ACA What s on Your Wish List

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Changes to the ACA What s on Your Wish List
Calendar19 April 2016

Employers have made their opinion about the excise tax clear. There is another Affordable Care Act (ACA) provision, however, that irks them nearly as much: the employer mandate. In our recent survey of 644 employers, we asked employers what changes they would like to see made to the ACA. Repealing the excise tax was first, with 85% in favor, but repealing the employer mandate was second, favored by 70%. It’s not that employers don’t want to offer coverage; it's that proving they offer coverage is so much work.


Following closely behind on the employer “wish list” is changing the definition of a full-time employee to 40 hours per week. Employers and policy makers have debated this issue since the law passed. There has been support from lawmakers but the cost associated with changing the definition is the major deterrent holding up a change.

Rounding out the top four is repeal and replace. This is one of the most surprising insights from our survey. Fifty-four percent of respondents favor a repeal strategy even though they don’t know what a replace strategy would look like. You may want to be careful what you wish for, especially in light of the hearing last week on employee tax exclusion for employer-provided health benefits.

Are you interested in learning more about the ACA’s impact on employers and how they are responding? Join us for our April 28 webcast where we’ll share more of the highlights and insights from our latest survey.

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