Choice as a Disruptor is a Good Thing

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Choice as a Disruptor is a Good Thing
Calendar17 June 2014

In this article, having a choice of medical plans is identified as a disruptor. Three things to consider: First, most people with coverage from their employer only have one or two medical plans available to them. An exchange, whether private or public, does offer up more choice. Secondly, as we know from our first-year experience with the Mercer Marketplace private exchange, when you give people helpful decision support along with choice, the majority will "buy down" to a less expensive plan because they discover that they have been over-insured. Third, it is well documented that millions of dollars are spent annually in the U.S. on care that is inappropriate or unnecessary. Looking up prices, actively negotiating with providers, and using home remedies or over-the-counter medicines -- all of which tends to happen when health care consumers have more skin in the game -- is a good thing. The more active we all are as consumers, the better.

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