Consumerism Doesn t Come Easy

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Consumerism Doesn t Come Easy
Calendar23 February 2015

This blog post in Health Affairs is a reminder that consumerism does not come easy. For the most part, individuals are just not equipped to navigate the health care delivery system without support. Lowe's, a pioneer in health care benefit strategies, found that while financial incentives can change behavior in small ways, such as encouraging greater use of generic drugs, their early efforts with disease management programs only achieved a 10% engagement, and no return on investment, over a 5-year period. What they learned is that their people just didn’t believe that insurance companies could be 100% focused on their best interests. So now employees and their families have free access to a third-party personal health assistant to help them navigate the maze of getting care and learn to take better care of themselves. Lowes reports a 99% satisfaction rate – their employees trust their advisors and act on their advice. For Lowe’s, nirvana is a better customer experience in their stores because of happy and healthy employees.

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